5 Ways to Go Paperless

These days, nearly everyone wants less paper in their lives—either because they care about the environment or because they’d rather not drown in clutter. So how do you reduce your paper usage? Here are five simple ways that you can cut back, starting today.

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ECM & EHR : The Basics

If you’re intending to access the healthcare market effectively, utilizing Enterprise Content Management is vital. When it’s time to raise ECM awareness, obtaining opportunities is a single step away. ECM is vital to electronic healthcare records (EHR), and their contribution to technology is unparalleled.

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In-House Document Scanning vs. Outsourced Document Scanning

The Value of Document Scanning

The advent of affordable digital scanning solutions has promoted business around the world to convert their archived and current paper documents into easily-stored digital images. Digital scanning not only frees up a huge amount of square footage that would otherwise be devoted to boxes and file cabinets, but it also enables lightning-fast computerized searches. However, the act of scanning these paper documents needs to it comfortably into your operational routine if you want to save time as well as space. You can either do all your scanning in house, or you can outsource it to a third party.

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5 Ways A Document Scanning Services Partnership Can Be Beneficial

WMedical offices know that electronic medical records, or EMRs, are necessary for many reasons. Converting the existing patient files intimidates the office staff. Professional document scanning services offer the best solution. Decision makers should consider these important advantages

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The Real Cost of Paper

Make the break with paper. It is costing you time, money and energy.

Are you one of those people who is clinging to the archaic tradition of leaving a literal paper trail behind? With all the technological advances in document scanning services these days, there is really no good reason for leaving such a trail. In fact, there are a number of reasons for ditching this habit.

Did you know that your habit of holding on to paper is actually costing you money, year after year? Unlike the one time cost of, say a simple USB device, paper is the bad habit that costs you money as well as time without being obvious about it.

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How to save 20% on Office Paper Consumption

When it comes to business, reducing paper consumption just makes sense. It shows that your company is an environmentally-conscious organization while saving up to 20 percent or more on paper costs—a win-win scenario. Here are some tips on how you can help your enterprise go paperless:

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New Website, New Focus

Internet technology is expanding at a rapid pace and the end users of technology services are increasingly turning to websites as the main source for their technology needs. In response to this evolution, CST Data has re-designed their company website to take advantage of the latest developments in SEO and to make navigating the site a pleasant as well as informative experience.

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