Is navigating through your electronic health record (EHR) system painful? Are you delaying because of the cost/difficulty associated with the technology? You may have diagnosed how to implement it at your facility, or you may still be searching for a remedy. Either way, EHR can be confusing and daunting. Consequently, you also know you can’t afford NOT to move to an EHR system. What you may not know is that incorporating enterprise content management (ECM) into your EHR strategy acts as a bridge technology. The combination makes the conversion a breeze! Watch this animation to learn more!

PaperVision Electronic Signature

Do you find yourself stopping to print and sign documents often? Most business professionals do, and you may be wasting valuable time! Drop your pens and pick up efficiency with electronic signatures. PaperVision Enterprise now carries the ability to sign documents electronically, while keeping you in compliance with regulations. Not to mention, you’ll save big bucks! Drop your pens and pick up some efficiency NOW!

Your Guide to E-Forms

Are you wasting time using outdated paper forms? You’re wasting money too! Get rid of pesky paper forms and capture your customers’ data into an electronic, web-based form with PaperVision E-Forms. Spend less time manually entering data, improve your information control and save money on paper costs!

PaperVision Integration for Microsoft Dynamics GP

What if you could access your paper invoices in Great Plains (GP)? Eliminate your manual, paper accounting processes with PaperVision Enterprise for Microsoft DynamicsTM GP. Designed to convert manual transactions into automated processes in Microsoft Dynamics GP, this integration makes it easier than ever to get control of sensitive financial records.

Get Control of Your Paper Documents

Is your paper document filing system getting in the way of your business? What if you could go from cluttered to clear at the push of a button?

Enterprise Content Management

Are your paper documents taking over your office AND your life? Want to access documents electronically? How about increasing efficiency, tightening control and making more money at the same time? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is your answer!

Mi Forms

Convert your paper forms to electronic forms that can be filled out on any tablet PC using any operating system and export into the backend database of your choice. CST Data is a leader in Document Management Services.

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow

Could your approval processes move more quickly? Are slow processes costing you time and money? Create Process Efficiency Make tasks easy by providing workstep instructions and putting all the necessary data at your fingertips. Identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks with continually updated reports showing document status. Gain competitive advantage by electronically controlling business processes from the office or via the internet. Integrate email quickly into business practices using email and attachments to initiate a workflow process. Enhance Security Compliance.

How Might PaperVision Forms Magic Technology Help You?

What if you could automatically classify every document and extract the data you need? Using PaperVision Forms Magic, you can streamline document-centric processes across your organization. Integrate forms fully into your business processes by recognizing and classifying them automatically and extracting critical business data on the fly with Forms Magic.

Access Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime with ECMNOW!

Can you access every piece of information you need right when you need it? Wouldn’t it be easier if all your important files were stored in one place, electronically? Move into the cloud with ImageSilo®, the world’s most trusted cloud solution! Store your important information online and securely access any document, anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device! You need efficiency, you need control, you need money. You need ECMNOW!

Accelerate Your Image Capture Workflow!

Accelerate your image capture workflow with Alaris Smart Touch Technology, built into every scanner from Alaris. Set up multiple preset functions, creating searchable PDFs, and sending them to an application, File, E-mail, Cloud locations and more. Create image only or searchable PDF files. Or automatically output to multiple specified file formats. Optimum scanning made simple. Alaris Smart Touch Technology. See the difference.

Invest in the Security of Your Documents!

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