The Cloud-First Networking Company

Big Switch Networks is at the forefront of the next-generation of networking technologies. By combining industry standard switch hardware (“white box / branded white box “brite box”) with intelligent SDN control software, the company is delivering next-generation data center networking fabrics for the world’s most advanced data centers looking to achieve unmatched degrees of network automation at cloud-competitive price points.


Introducing Cloud-First Networking, hybrid IT that starts with the best of public cloud networking, now delivered on-prem, and scales to VPC Networking and Analytics everywhere


Centralized federated management of multi-site BCF, BMF deployments, with both public and private clouds.


Bringing the Simplicity of Public Cloud to On-Prem Data Center Networks


Advanced Packet Capture, Network Analytics and Security


Multi-Cloud Director streamlines management of Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric across on-premises enterprise clouds and public clouds.

As IT organizations scale out their deployments of Big Mon Fabric (BMF) monitoring and Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) switching infrastructures-whether single-site, multi-site, or across various public clouds &ndash they need to centralize many of the repetitive day-to-day tasks to keep operating costs down.

They also need governance, control, orchestration, and visibility across all locations to meet security, compliance, and change-management requirements. At the same time, they must keep each site agile, balancing the needs of their application developers by not asserting too much central control.

Hence the need for Big Switch Multi-Cloud Director, a multi-cloud controller for enterprise networks.

Multi-Cloud Director offers a single pane of glass for viewing all of an enterprise’s Big Switch infrastructure, both on premise and within the public clouds.


Reimagine Networking for the Hybrid Cloud Era

Big Cloud Fabric is the first of its kind to adopt public cloud networking with IT governance to streamline hybrid cloud deployments. This approach is customer driven, as a majority of enterprises will deploy hybrid cloud within the next five years if current trends continue. In this environment, no matter where applications reside or how mobile they become, enterprises need common networking fabrics. To avoid bifurcation-and yet another vendor lock-in by cloud providers-the Big Cloud Fabric approach unifies network configurations, visibility, automation, and Day-2 operations management.

BCF comes in two form factors:

  • Big Cloud Fabric – Enterprise Cloud (BCF-EC)
  • Big Cloud Fabric – Public Cloud (BCF-PC)


Big Monitoring Fabric enables end-to-end visibility and security for applications, based on their networking behaviors, for both on-premises and public cloud deployments.
Network and security operations can quickly see-and respond-to protect and optimize applications, no matter whose infrastructure hosts the applications. The two versions of Big Mon Fabric-Public Cloud and Enterprise Cloud-leverage the same technologies. These technologies offer best-in-class economics for any monitoring infrastructure today. Big Mon is the next-generation NPB built for today’s data center. It operates in real time, optimizing and delivering network traffic for each security and monitoring tool, which enables tools to scale and perform more efficiently.

Big Mon delivers intelligent, agile, and highly flexible monitoring and security architectures that centralize the provisioning of network traffic from across the data center, including virtual workloads. Big Mon’s resilience, scale out design, and ease of management are unparalleled compared to traditional NPBs, while providing up to 50% cost saving.


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