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PennState Gives Rimage Digital Publishing an “A”

Penn State utilizes its Information Technology Service (ITS) department to handle all of its technological needs for students, staff and faculty. Within the ITS department is an in-plant printing and copy center used to publish digital information and distribute software to its students and faculty. Through the in-plant printing and copy center, Penn State provides over 40,000 discs annually. About half are computer utility programs and software packages, while the other half contain custom-published digital content, including course materials, reports or discs created for students, staff and faculty.


Dallas County

Dallas County Moves to a Paperless Office with ECMNOW!

  • Using PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, many departments have reduced their processing time saving the county thousands of hours
  • Saved 100% of documents from loss, theft, or destruction by natural disaster
  • Converted storage rooms into office space, reclaiming nearly $36,000 per year
  • Implemented in only one day per department


Surgery Center Cedar Rapids

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids Maximizes Efficiency with ECMNOW!

  • Cut record scanning time from 7 days down to 30 seconds, and records are now available instantly
  • Protect 100% of private health information (PHI); HIPAA audits are a breeze
  • Eliminating records storage frees space for new offices and growth
  • Were ready to begin scanning, retrieving, and archiving immediately after training


Human Development Center

ECMNOW! Boosts Efficiency at Human Development Center (HDC)

  • Documents are located two weeks faster and visits to off-site storage have decreased significantly
    100% of records are protected from disaster
  • HDC saves $70,000 in general administrative costs and sees $6,000 in storage savings
  • Workflows were set up on day one, and the non-profit was up and running in just one week


Netcare Access

Netcare Access Improves Patient Care using ImageSilo® for Patient Records. “Our old paper intake process was difficult for our patients, because they had to complete a paper intake packet each time they visited one of our facilities. Now with ImageSilo, they only do paperwork once — on their first visit. After that, we can pull up their records instantly, which allows us to provide better care much more quickly. The information is always there when we need it.”



Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Their paper-based Emergency Department (ED) records system contained an average of nine pieces of paper for each patient record, and the resulting paper chase had the Health Information Management (HIM) Department spending up to 10 hours every day searching for documents.


Universal City, Texas

Universal City, Texas Finds Relief from the Heat and Improves Efficiency
“Before PaperVision Enterprise, it could take as long as a week to find a document. Now we can find a document and email it to a client in just a few minutes. The time savings has been incredible.”

Advocate Health Care

Cloud Storage Streamlines Benefits Management for Advocate Health Care.
“ImageSilo puts everything at my fingertips. Within a few minutes, I can get people the information they need, and I can securely access it from anywhere. The system gives me peace of mind knowing nothing sits on my desk.”


Family Health West

Family Health West Increases Efficiency 555% with PaperVision® Enterprise. “Thanks to PaperVision Enterprise our productivity has increased by 555% and our records retrieval time has been reduced by 86%.”


Bigelow Tea Case Study and ROI Analysis by Nucleus Research

Bigelow Tea Achieves 813% ROI and Two-Month Payback with ImageSilo®

“With a $25,000 annual labor savings and 813% ROI, ImageSilo has revolutionized information management—not only in the accounting department, but across the entire company.”



Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network

After implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system, the Arapahoe /Douglas Mental Health Network (ADMHN) recognized the many business efficiencies of managing electronic files, yet they were still dependent upon paper-based systems to handle ancillary documents and clinical records that required signatures. ADMHN needed a non-proprietary technology that would enable them to further enhance productivity by managing all medical chart records electronically.


Childrens Hospital Boston

A key one was that some of the staff had been working at the hospital for more than 30 years, and transitioning to the Mi-Co Mi-Forms electronic data capture solution had to be seamless, said Dr. Brian Fligor, director of the Diagnostic Audiology Department, which works with infants, children and adolescents who have various degrees of hearing loss.


MSI Mold Builders

MSI Mold Builders Moves to a Digital Office with PaperVision® Forms Magic
  • Invoices take only 15 minutes to process instead of an hour, saving more than 10,000 hours of productivity annually
  • 100% of documents are now protected from disaster
  • Now saves more than $40 per invoice processed, a total cost savings of $676,000 per year
  • Implementation and training for nine people were completed in just a week


Vulcan Materials

Vulcan Materials Company Saves More Than $128,000 Annually Using ImageSilo. “We’ve changed the way we manage and track deliveries for the better! All the delivery tickets are now managed electronically, and customers can even look up their own information. ImageSilo is saving us time and money while also allowing us to improve our customer service.”


City of Baton Rouge Police

City of Baton Rouge Police Department Saves $25,000 Annually. “The Digitech Systems software is a down to earth solution. It has a homey feel to it, which makes it comfortable to learn and use. It does what you want it to do, when you want it to do it.”


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