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Preserve Documents

Your document archive represents knowledge your organization has spent years acquiring. Only about a quarter of your data is newly created—the rest is “redundant data,” data that was created in the past and must be retained for use in the future. It’s critical that you store and adequately protect this priceless information, and digital archiving is the most efficient and safest way to do that. With digital archiving, you can retain old information for future use, meet your increasing data storage needs without using physical space, and live up to your industry’s compliance and legislation requirements.

CST Data archives your documents and makes them fully searchable, so the information you need is always at your fingertips. We also create a data backup to ensure that your documents are protected for years to come, even in case of a disaster.

Keeping your data safe

CST ensures that your data is always there when you need it with hard copy disc media backups at your location, as well as in a fireproof vault at CST Data’s location. CST also maintains additional backups with two redundant RAID 5 servers and on multiple off-site hard drives in a secure location. CST also stores all of your papers after scanning until you’re sure you’re satisfied with your digital files.

Storage And Retrieval Options

To maximize your flexibility, CST offers several options for data storage and retrieval.

On Premises: A server/license-based system utilizing customer or CST-supplied server, and concurrent licenses of Digitech Systems PaperVision Enterprise.

  • Products include software licenses of PaperVision® Enterprise document management software.
  • CST Data-manufactured Retrieval Storage Appliance (starting at 8TB, RAID 5 server appliance).

On Demand: hosted system easily accessed by a web browser (SaaS).

  • Products include Digitech System’s award-winning image repository, Image Silo, for secure, compliant storage of even the most confidential documents. This option allows simultaneous access by unlimited users.

Your current ECM/EMR or Legacy System: CST can prepare, scan and index your files for import into any existing system you use as long as it has the capability for importing and viewing scanned images.

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