When you have an excess of paper files, it is challenging to store it, retrieve information and to offer access on multiple fronts. With legacy records scanning services, your company’s data can be scanned, digitally archived and have search functionality built right in.

When papers such as patient records are unconsolidated, those who need to access them, such as medical professionals, are challenged on many fronts. First, they may not be able to physically find files because they are stored in separate locations. Second, the accuracy of the records may be questionable. This often happens when two sets of records exists; both hard copies and digital copies.

When there is a paper copy and a digital copy of a record, both sets need to be updated every time something new has to be added to the chart. This complicates matters if only the digital copy is available at the time the new information presents itself. The onus then falls on the medical professional to get the hard copy and record the same information as on the digital copy. As if this is not confusing enough, many times the physical chart has been temporarily transferred or permanently moved to an off-site location.

Legacy records scanning solves these problems. Records are carefully scanned in and digitized. They are meticulously referenced and cross-referenced. This creates a searchable database with keywords that turns what could have been and hours-long search for one vital piece of information into a short search. Users simply access the software, enter the patient name or number, and enter the keywords for the information they are looking for. Almost instantly, the data is pulled up for viewing or editing. If the data is edited, it is there for others users to access immediately. For example, a medical personnel member may add a note for a drug prescription, and a medical professional who is treating the patient across town will instantly be able to see the note, thereby preventing any possibility for negative drug interaction.

With the ease and availability of legacy records scanning, there is no need to pay for ever-expanding physical records storage. All of a company’s records can be stored and be accessible for a fraction of the cost of leasing additional record storage facilities and file organizer systems.

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