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New Website, New Focus

New WebsiteInternet technology is expanding at a rapid pace and the end users of technology services are increasingly turning to websites as the main source for their technology needs. In response to this evolution, CST Data has re-designed their company website to take advantage of the latest developments in SEO and to make navigating the site a pleasant as well as informative experience.

The goal was to design a site that was professional in look and feel but at the same time warm and inviting for the user. Soft color tones and gentle fonts make reading the pages an easy task on the eyes. The 3 Core Service Offerings of Create, Preserve and Distribute are clearly identified and have been graphically animated to enhance the end user experience. While there is unique information within each service offering, there is a comfortable consistency from page to page, making navigation easy as you move from area to area.

“We designed the site so that our our prospects and customers are drawn to it by the design and ease of use and then want to stay a while. The structure of the site gently pulls them to where they need to go without a lot of effort on their part”, says company president, Mark Rigsbee. The average website visit is very short and that is further affected by what is seen when you first view the home page. We have tried to present an interface that makes the user want to go deeper. It is uncluttered and graphically pleasing to the eye. The animated, interactive feature of the Core Service Offerings leaves no room for wondering how to find what you are looking for.

Ultimately, we desire to drive more revenue from this investment while making the customer comfortable that by calling CST Data they made the best decision possible based on information that has been presented in a clear and easy to understand manner.