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5 Ways to Go Paperless

Going PaperlessThese days, nearly everyone wants less paper in their lives—either because they care about the environment or because they’d rather not drown in clutter. So how do you reduce your paper usage? Here are five simple ways that you can cut back, starting today.

1. Use junk mail envelopes as scrap paper.

Instead of buying pretty notepads that cost a small +fortune, why not use the envelopes that come in the mail? We all get junk mail, and most people throw it all out. Usually, the backs of the envelopes are blank, and they’re the perfect size for scratch paper.

2. Print on both sides of the paper.

It’s easy to forget that a sheet of paper has two sides. With today’s technology, it’s almost as easy to print on both of those sides. You’ll cut your paper usage by half—a huge difference in any setting.

3. Read online newspapers.

Most large newspapers have online versions, often with more (and newer) information than their printed cousins. Rather than buying a paper copy each day, you could get your news on the computer, tablet or smartphone just as easily. Actually, it’s even more convenient—who wants to carry around a large, inky newspaper when you could slip a slim tablet in a purse or briefcase?

4. Use old newspapers for gift wrap.

Can’t bear to part with your morning paper? When you’re done reading, save the more interesting pages to use as gift wrap. The color comics pages are a great choice for any age. For sports fans, look for photos of a winning play or favorite player.

5. Stop buying printed books.

Are you a techie? Read your books on a tablet computer. Not a techie? Use your library card. Either way, you’ll quit relying on paper books and start saving storage space in your home.