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5 Ways A Document Scanning Services Partnership Can Be Beneficial

Medical Record ImagingMedical offices know that electronic medical records, or EMRs, are necessary for many reasons. Converting the existing patient files intimidates the office staff. Professional document scanning services offer the best solution. Decision makers should consider these important advantages:

1.Experts complete the project – Accuracy is essential when transferring paper records to electronic format. Trained workers will complete the conversion while the office staff continues the standard work. Document scanning services are invaluable in the effort to make this important switch.

2.Efficiency improves – Lost paper files cause a significant drain on personnel resources throughout any given day. EMRs allow each staff member to locate patient information without leaving the workstation. This advantage increases the amount of work that is completed every day. The entire office will run more efficiently, which translates into shorter wait times for patients.

3.Paper files disappear – Rows of file cabinets will no longer be necessary since all the papers inside are stored electronically. Office space can be reclaimed for other uses once the professional document scanning service has completed the conversion. All paper records are shredded to protect patient privacy.

4. Cash flow increases – Paper is a significant portion of most office supply budgets. EMRs replace all paper versions of the records that were once printed and placed in a file cabinet. Savings from the EMR conversion will be recognized in the months that follow. Billing is easier since the records are complete and accurate. Medical offices notice the ways in which overdue bills are more noticeable. Instead of chasing paper, the staff is able to take action and collect money.

5.HIPPA compliance – Protection of patient privacy is the most compelling reason to convert paper patient files to EMRs. Professional document scanning services complete the conversion process with the installation of password protected user accounts, security clearance levels, encryption and firewalls. These electronic measures prevent unauthorized access more completely than a physical lock on a file cabinet full of paper files.

Medical office managers are wise to ask questions about the professional document scanning service to find out more. Advantages of EMRs far outweigh the cumbersome paper files. Initial costs will be recovered quickly when the office staff is able to manage duties with less frustration. In most cases, the entire project can be completed without interrupting the daily office workflow.